YouTube Music crosses 100m mark in global subscription


By Juliet Umeh

YouTube, a digital streaming platform now has more than 100 million subscribers globally.
The subscribers which cut across YouTube music and premium in diverse music genres include Nigerian Afrobeats.
It noted that the milestone underscores the platform’s enduring appeal and the comprehensive entertainment experience it offers to a global audience, including the vibrant and diverse user base in Nigeria.
Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, Adam Smith, said: “In 2015, we believed that there was an appetite for a YouTube experience that benefited not only our users but the creator and artiste community as well, and we announced a new subscription service alongside a brand new app, YouTube Music.
“This offering was designed for music lovers and YouTube fans who wanted more choice in how they spent time on YouTube, allowing them to enjoy YouTube without interruptions, background play and downloads, and a full music service with the world’s largest catalogue.
“Along the way, we learned a lot, made a few pivots (and even rebranded), expanded our offerings and plans, and made YouTube Music and Premium available in over 100 countries and regions.
“And through it all, we’ve remained focused on delivering a best-in-class experience to our global YouTube community.
“In fact, in the past year alone we enhanced the Premium playback experience including adding the ability to continue watching YouTube across different devices like your smart TVs and tablets and introduced an enhanced version of 1080p HD.
“We also experimented with new generative AI features that Premium users were among the first to try. And for listeners, we introduced the Samples tab, a lightning-fast way to discover new music, a completely customised radio building experience, and brought podcasts to YouTube Music.
“Beyond features, we know what truly makes viewers and listeners keep choosing YouTube – it’s the incredible content from our creators and artists. YouTube Premium helps maintain a thriving creator and artist community, providing them with an additional source of revenue from subscriptions,” Smith explained.
Also highlighting the importance of local engagement, Head of Music for Africa at YouTube, Addy Awofisayo shared insights into the platform’s impact in Nigeria. “The success of YouTube Music and Premium extends deeply into Nigeria, where music and content creators have found a global stage for their talent.”
Awofisayo said: “Our platform has not only facilitated unparalleled access to a world of music and content but has also played a pivotal role in the growth of the Nigerian music industry by providing artists with valuable exposure and revenue streams.
“This milestone celebrates not just our global achievements but the individual stories of creators and artists in Nigeria who contribute to our rich and diverse community.”

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