Why is Deimos excited to become Google Cloud security specialist?

By Juliet Umeh

Google Cloud Specialists are experts building customer security solutions using Google Cloud technology.

That is why it becomes a big deal to Deimos, a technology and cloud focussed professional services company.

Deimos, was recently declared by Google as one of few tech services experts to achieve Google Cloud Security specialisations in Africa.

The specialisation is awarded after an expert-led assessment process that determines if a partner is a specialist in a specific field.

Google declared Deimos a proven expert in building customer security solution, having scaled the huddles and rigours of getting that single certification.

Achievement followed technical proficiency and cutting edge cloud infrastructure solutions in security.

Google explained that partners with this specialisation have always demonstrated significant success in securing customer infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud.

Google said: “Deimos spent 24 months putting together the body of evidence in the form of documented security projects and team certifications to prove it’s a specialist cloud security expertise” .

After two intensive audits by security experts appointed by Google Cloud in October 2022, Deimos became one of Africa’s earliest Google Cloud Security Specialists.

CEO and Co-founder Deimos, Mr. Andrew Mori, said: “We are incredibly proud to achieve one of the earliest Google Security Specialisations in Africa.

“Acquiring this specialisation is evidence of Deimos’ expertise in providing cutting edge cloud security infrastructure solutions for both micro-enterprise and enterprise clients.

“We have established a reputation of trust and excellence amongst our clients and further afield.

This badge goes a long way to reinforce our position in the market in areas that make a significant difference to companies’ operations and infrastructure.

“Deimos will continue to strive for high standards with Google Cloud to ensure safety and security for businesses and institutions in Africa.

“Certification in Google Cloud also marks a new stage in our company’s growth and opens us up for further expansion across more African countries,” Mori said.

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