For more creativity, AT3 expands operations with multiverse

By Juliet Umeh

More creativity is needed at Communications Consultancy firm AT3, and so the company decided to expand operations with a multiverse brand of platforms known as MVMNT, to do just that.
The expanded platform comprising the MUVMNT studio, the MUVMNT experiences, and the MUVMNT reports, are creative platforms aim to redefine brand experiences by fostering community, enabling interactions, and elevating culture.
The organisation said it was created in response to evolving audience demands and preferences.
In its 7th year of operation, the award-winning communications consultancy is transforming into a Brand Growth agency, realigning its services for market leadership.
Founder of the consultancy firm,Tosin Adefeko, said: “AT3 Resources is dedicated to reshaping storytelling, brand experiences, and engagement through movements that generate business value.
“We believe that life experiences are always in motion, better experienced through channels that connect people, communities and culture; so, it is our mission to bring people together by connecting brands with their consumers and consumers with the brands they love and admire across Africa.
“We must continually seek avenues to co-exist, co-create and engage with ourselves. It is the recognition of this co-dependence that makes us thrive better as humans” In essence, we are powering brand mobility in Africa with these movements.
“We remain committed to finding the best ways to tell our clients’ stories. The expanded mission to create movements elevating brand experiences is a response to evolving audience demands and preferences.
“By placing the consumer at the center of the conversation and narrating the stories of clients’ products and services through the lens of consumers, influencers, and partners, we will continue to build strong connections,” Adefeko added.
Afefeko explained: “The MUVMNT Studio will host its signature podcast, ‘themuvmntpod,’ alongside other pods catering to various interests. The MUVMNT Experiences offer tailored interactions for creators, curated experiences for women navigating their career paths and a CSR initiative for young PR talent beyond the classroom. The MUVMNT Reports serve as an annual compilation of AT3’s perspective on the impact garnered across board.’

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